I never planned anything for Katelovesme, everything happens organically to be honest, so I think the best attiude to have towards it is just to let it happen, go with the flow, and don't get too stressed. If I plan something for my blog, and it doesn't go according to plan I could get frustrated, and that's something I don't want with my blog, because it's something enjoyable for me and I don't do it as an obbigation

I still get this butterfly feeling in my stomach when I browse trough a magazine and you see my face a4 size! Probably a good sign. I want to share with you guys the latest shoot I've done, for London based magazine Sheer where I wear a few of favourite brands: Katie EaryDavidelfinMawiUmbroChrisopher Shannon...

I hope you guys like it, get the magazine to read the full interview!