London Collections: Men

 The men collection fashion weeks are taking place as you read this article and London is not just always the first one but also the one that brings youth, freedom, intention, desire, freshness into the world. That is probably why I feel strong enough to do a little chronic on what I liked and, why not, what I didn´t like so much. I haven´t actually gone to  the shows this time so I really can´t talk about how well garments have been done or how well finished a piece is but they all have those ingredients that I always try to add on my own looks: sometimes sporty (but no too much), sometimes young (but not too much) and sometimes smart (but not too much). Designers know it and is that balance in their identity that I find so appealing season after season:

To start with Nasir Mazhar and his rude boys always makes me nostalgic to not actually have been one of them, I like the modernity on the cut and the combinations of colors, lengths... It all alienates perfect to make me want to go back to high-school and maybe not be the cool one (I never was anyway) but the one that was always blamed for. It happens a bit the same with Astrid Anderson. I really like how looking so masculine and so don´t-fuck-with-me kind of vibe still a few feminine elements in the right amount come across. The result is a interesting Ghetto-Barbie Malibu´s Ken. I get the feeling the Nasir boy and the Astrid boy could either be best friend or best enemies but either way it means they go well together, right? Still street but not so hardcore is the Christopher Shannon collection, I really like that free and careless boy look, it´s so London, you can´t really tell if that boy is going to art school or is coming from a club. And talking about art school, I´m all about theJames Long collection and it´s DIY spirit. Not sure I would do total looks (probably yes) but separately the collection have pieces that I really want to get my hands on. J.W. Anderson brought up elements in his collection that I wanna bring into my closet for next season like the striped layered tops with matching trousers and the knitwear tank tops and also, I love a man that carries a bag and wear interesting shoes. The above was my favourite part on LCM, of course it doesn´t mean all the rest were bad but to be honest there were so many collections I really disliked... Now I really don´t want to sound like I´m bragging about the rest of designers without knowing how much work it goes into their collections (because I do) even if I don´t like them and baring in mind what Suzy Menkes said about internet being really quick when it comes to destructive comments I´m not going to finish this chronic with a negative feel to it, I´m keeping it to myself but there is one thing that it is really bothering me: Can someone explain me what is it with putting women clothes on men to walk down the catwalk? Is nothing exciting or fresh to do that, men have been wearing womenswear forever, including myself, yeah, and we do it because we want to, not because some designer tell us to, so there is really no need to start a revolution in that way on the shows, really, no need. I feel much better now. What did you like? What do you disagree with? What did I forget to mention?