Acne Studios suede biker and sunglasses, Uniqlo cashmere turtleneck, American Apparel tee, April77 jeans and Dr. Marten boots

This week, this March, is starting quite full on. Maybe because I do wish with all my heart that life surprises me every day, and I try to surprise those around me. It also starts fashion week here in Paris, a window that opens to what will we wear next winter. But what if the coming winter we are not here anymore? What if we disappear? "Sputnik sweetheart" is not exaclty about that, but it is one of the books that have pushed my theory to not to live with the peace of mind that we will be here long. I think of myself as one of those people who live for the moment, not to support that popular Carpe Diem bullshit but because I really think that life is too short to always follow rules, or some limitations, or even a savings plan. It´s okay to take risks, to accepts jobs that challenge you, to take a trip, to make mistakes and take turns. All of that with good friends by your side, of course. I don´t know, just read the goddamn book.

Esta semana, este nuevo mes de Marzo, empieza fuerte.  Quizá porque yo lo quiero así, porque deseo con todas mis fuerzas que la vida me sorprenda cada día, y yo intentar sorprender a los que tengo a mi alrededor. También empieza la semana de la moda aquí en París, una ventanita que se abre a cómo vestiremos el invierno que viene. Pero, y si el invierno que viene ya no estamos aquí? Si desaparecemos? "Sputnik, mi amor" de Murakami, no va exactamente de eso, pero sí es uno de los libros que han empujado mi teoría de no vivir con esa tranquilidad de que estaremos aquí mucho tiempo. Me considero de esas personas que viven el momento, no por apoyar estúpidamente el Carpe Diem, sino porque de verdad pienso que la vida es demasiado corta como para seguir siempre unas reglas, o unas limitaciones, o un plan de ahorros. Está bien arriesgarse, aceptar trabajos que suponen un reto, irse de viaje, hacer giros inesperados. Todo ello con buenos amigos cerca, claro. No sé, leed el libro y punto.


This week I´ve been in Madrid for a few interesting meetings and to attend to international art fair ARCO (hence the smarter look), just like I did last year. The only difference is that this time I managed to keep my bank account intact! Not because I didn´t like anything enough to buy tho, I loved many pieces and most importantly I discovered and learn about artist I didn't know. I really liked the colourful paintings about buildings from Jose Loureço and...

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McQ Alexander McQueen A/W15

Yesterday I made it to London for the day to catch up with friends and also to discover the new McQ Alexander McQueen A/W15 collection. On the last day of London Fashion Week (known for being the most creative, crazy and experimental of all), the Serpentine Sackler Gallery gave home to what I hope will be part of my wardrobe next winter, showing at the same time huge photographs of an art shoot taken at the Eagle Heights bird sanctuary by...

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I discovered Amelie Nothomb, who I can now call my favourite writer, about five years ago now during a work trip to Barcelona. It was by surprise. It was all looking like this trip was going to be a bit shitty, being honest, but by reading "The character of rain" I immerse myself in another world. I stopped feeling sad and I read book after book. It was a few weeks ago, during a quick trip to, again, Barcelona after deciding I wanted to get into reading again, that...

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