A couple of months ago I got the lovely task of flying to Los Angeles to attend the opening of Louis Vuitton´s LVSERIES2 exhibition and photograph, in exclusive for Vogue Spain magazine, what went on. The exhibition, divided in different atmospheres, was really a beautiful experience, it was actually like a trip: We got to see the backstage of a show, walk through a dark mirrored room with projections of the S/S show and also directly the opposite, through a really bright room where the 3D models were breaking through walls exhibiting real pieces of the collection. We all went home with our own posters and LV stickers featured in the SS collection. We drank champagne and went for dinner with incredibly talented people such as Michelle Williams, Charlotte Gainsbourg or one of my favourites, Jennifer Connelly. Get your Vogue Spain copy of the April issue and read all about this great exhibition and about all the stars who turn up to celebrate the opening! All pictures by me (except for the last one)

Hace un par de meses tuve la genial tarea de volar a Los Ángeles para asistir a la inauguración de la exposición LVSERIES2 de Louis Vuitton y fotografiar, en exclusiva para la revista Vogue, todo lo que pasaba. La exposición, dividida en varias atmósferas, fue toda una experiencia, más bien un viaje por el universo Vuitton: Pudimos ver la reproducción perfecta de un backstage, atravesamos una habitación de espejos a oscuras donde se reflejaban caminando las modelos del desfile de P/V y también lo contrario, una habitación blanca hiper-iluminada donde las modelos en 3D, como si figuras de cera se tratara, atravesaban las paredes y llevaban piezas reales de la colección. Bebimos champán y nos fuimos de cena con gente genial y educada como Michelle Williams, Charlotte Gainsbourg o una de mis favoritas Jennifer Connelly. Este finde hazte con una copia del numero de abril de Vogue españa y lee todo sobre la exposición y todas las celebrities que acudieron a la inauguración! Todas las fotos están hechas por mi (menos la última, claro)


Today I wanted to share with you some more pictures from my recent trip to Venice. Thinking about that break brings me so much peace of mind... The weather was perfect to cruise down the canals and to walk through all those little bridges that join the streets together. Venice, a city that might seem fragile and that it might sink in any moment is actually still there, resisting storms and strong currents, and it´s just like one big postcard, no matter where you look, it´s beautiful! My favourite...

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One day, while we were both still living in Madrid, my friend Alba (this time behind the camera) and I met for coffee in the usual spot. She confessed she had met someone special, –…and he´s in a rock band! She had told me. I could see in her eyes, for first time, she was really in love. A few weeks later I had the pleasure of meeting him. Australian, big smile, tall, charming… Andrew Woodhead was everything I could wish for a good friend like...

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From the first moment after the boat docked at the private landing that leads straight into the reception I knew I was going to have a different experience. Suddenly I felt like we were visiting a friend and staying at his/her palazzo, not just any palazzo tho... The Palazzo Papadopoli, built in 1550. My generous suite, with views to the Grand Canal, had the perfect balance between old floors, antique mirrors and modern furniture. It felt real. And after unpacking, when...

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You can´t imagine my face when I saw the cover of Telva magazine April issue! Every time I land in Spain, the first thing I do even before leaving the airport, is looking for the new issues of my favourite fashion magazines. This time, with Telva magazine, I had a double surprise: The model on the cover was Alba Galocha and my name was right next to her! Nothing like seeing your friends growing and making their dreams happen! I´m very proud of you Alba, if you are...

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