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A few days ago I looked back at this blog and I felt sad. For first time I felt sad about it. I thought about all the time, all the work, all the excitement i put into it to build this world, my world, and how abandoned it was that I felt a bit down. But you all know already I´m not the kind of guy that allows himself to be down, I´m the guy that does something about it. So I decided to water this digital plant again, to give it life, to give it more love and fill it with new stories again. The TV show I daily do in Spain takes mainly all my time and I don´t travel as much as I used to, but let´s go back to that. And that´s why I accepted the invitation to attend the Dior Homme show. I missed Paris Fashion Week, missed all the fashion, or missed Paris. I missed admiring from close up the savoir fair of the Dior house, and his creative director of the men division Kris Van Assche who I like his work a lot. For SS18 he made his models walk on artificial grass while playing Losing My Religion with fragments of blazers coming out of the waist and rotated prints as if someone was about to read them from heaven. No more comments needed. A perfect tailoring with a little teddy-boy reminiscence that only a few houses can execute without being too obvious and which Dior Homme mixed with the rave aesthetic. And then I realized there are seasons you look to one side, other season you look to another, but the important is to never stop, to keep going forward and never, ever stop being who has cost us so much to become. The show must go on.

Hace unos días echaba un vistazo a este blog y me dió pena. Por primera vez me dió pena. Pensé en la de tiempo, en la de trabajo, en la de ilusión que había invertido en construir este mundo, mi mundo, y lo abandonado que lo tenía que me dio bajón. Pero ya sabéis que yo no soy de los que se permiten estar de bajón, yo soy de los que hacen cosas. Así que me propuse volver a regar esta pagina, a darle vida, a llenarla de historias de nuevo. Es cierto que el programa en el que trabajao cada día me ha quitado mucho tiempo libre y no viajo tanto como antes, pero por eso mismo me acepté la invitación al desfile de Dior Homme. Echaba de menos el ambiente de París durante la semana de la moda, echaba de menos la moda, y echaba de menos París. Echaba de menos admirar de cerca el savoir fair de la casa Dior, y su director creativo Kris Van Assche. Para próxima temporada de primavera/verano 2018 él ha hecho desfilar a los modelos sobre el césped al ritmo de Losing My Religion con fragmentos de americanas que salían de la cinturilla y emblemas del reves como si para que alguien los leyera desde el cielo. No digo más. Un tailoring perfecto con una pequeña reminiscencia a los teddy-boy que solo algunas firmas pueden ejecutar sin caer en la obviedad, y que rápidamente Dior Homme ha mezclado con la estética rave. Y entonces para mi todo cobró sentido, hay temporadas que uno mira hacia un lado, otras mira hacia otro, pero lo importante es no parar, es seguir hacia adelante y nunca, nunca, dejar de ser quienes nos ha costado tanto llegar a ser. El show debe continuar.



May 6th 2015. The last Louis Vuitton cruise show took place none other than at Bob and Dolores Hope Estate, such a generous way for Nicolas Ghesquière to show his latest collection, it shouldn´t pass unnoticed. A beautiful house designed by John Lautner in the hills of Palm Springs that recalls the shape of a volcano and that was just the perfect allegory to make up to an explosion of a beautifully made collection in which Ghèsquiere presented a new silhouette. A mixture...


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A couple of months ago I got the lovely task of flying to Los Angeles to attend the opening of Louis Vuitton´s LVSERIES2 exhibition and photograph, in exclusive for Vogue Spain magazine, what went on. The exhibition, divided in different atmospheres, was really a beautiful experience, it was actually like a trip: We got to see the backstage of a show, walk through a dark mirrored room with projections of the S/S show and also directly the opposite, through a really bright...

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I landed in Milan yesterday morning just in time to see what Ennio Capasa had for us at CoSTUME NATIONAL and I was gladly surprised. Before the show started I got invited to have a look backstage, and I got the impression that we were about to see a concert in a few minutes! The spirit of London rock bands was very present on the collection, and the long scarves (the star-accessory) accompanied biker jackets, fur coats or even turtlenecks. Some garments had...

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