Thursday, 30 June 2011

David Gandy by Dolce & Gabbana book launch party

Dinner jacket, shirt, bow tie and trousers all Dolce & Gabbana,
shoes Davidelfin and necklace by Mawi

Now that all that madness have finished and I'm a bit more quiet I can't stop thinking about how
 much fun I had and how many new friends I made in Milan during fashion week.

The very first night I was invited to the launch of the new David Gandy by Dolce & Gabbana
 book, with incredible pictures by Mariano Vivanco and which was taking place at a glamed up version
 of the Dolce & Gabbana store in Corso Venzia. They dressed me specially for the event, in fact,
 with the suit bag left in my hotel room was the sweetest note!
Welcome to Milano Pelayo! This is a special gift for you. love love love

Ahora que toda la locura Milanesa ha terminado y estoy un poco mas tranquilo me estoy acordando de
 lo bien que me lo he pasado y de todos los amigos que he hecho durante la semana de la moda de
 Milan. La primera noche estaba invitado a la fiesta de lanzamiento de nuevo libro de David Gandy y
 Dolce & Gabbana, con fotos increibles de Mariano Vivanco y que tuvo lugar en la tienda de Dolce &
 Gabbana de Corso Venzia e incluso me vistieron para el evento, de hecho, con la funda del traje que
 me dejaron en el hotel encontre una nota firmada a mano que decia:
Bienvenido a Milan Pelayo! Esto es un regalo especial para ti. Con cariño

Dolce & Gabbana family, I'm coming back in September!

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Iberostar by Davidelfin

Good things happen to people who work hard and who trully believe in what they do. And that's why
 Davidelfin have just seen himself involved in a huge project like the one I'm about to introduce you to:

Yesterday press was invited to the presentation of the new uniform that Davidelfin has designed for all
 the Iberostar hotels and resorts worldwide, which consists in fifteen looks for the different staff of the
 hotels: reception, restaurant, pool-bar, day animation, animation evening and spa, all of them respecting
 the needs of each worker, adapting fabrics and designs, being conscious of the diverse environments of
 all Iberostar hotels and being true to the davidelfin philosophy. There is nobody else that could have
 done a better job. Have a look!

David Delfin with one of the so called Dolphin Blue uniform

Las cosas buenas le vienen a los que trabajan duro y creen en lo que hacen. Por eso David Delfín se 
acaba de ver envuelto en un gran proyecto :

Ayer 28 de Junio, la prensa fue invitada a la presentación del nuevo uniforme que Davidelfin ha
 diseñado para todos los hoteles y resorts de Iberostar de todo el mundo, que constan de quince looks
 para los diferentes miembros de la plantilla de hotel: recepción, restaurante, bar-piscina, animación
 día, animación noche y spa. Todos ellos respetando las necesidades del trabajador, adaptando telas y
 diseños, siendo consciente del entorno de todos los hoteles Iberostar, siendo a la vez, honesto con la
 filosofía Davidelfin. La verdad es que no hay nadie mas que puediera haber hecho un trabajo mejor.

Monday, 27 June 2011

NYers for Marriage Equality

They've made it! 
Three simple sentences from the most influential woman has helped, a lot. 
Many people should learn from her, and not just about fashion. Marriage equality for all have become
 a reality in New York on the 24th of June 2011 and will go into effect at the end of July. It is so weird
 to live in this so called modern world and still having countries where some people can not get married.
Well done for Anna, and for every single person who supported the marriage equality for all

Soy Anna Wintour apoyando la igualdad de matrimonio.
Pienso que el derecho a decir -si quiero- es tan fundamental como el derecho a votar.
La hora es ya, por favor unete a mi en apoyo a la igualdad de matrimonio para todos los Neoyorkinos.

Lo han conseguido!
Tres frases de la mujer mas influyente han ayudado, y mucho. 
Cuanto les queda a muchos por aprender, no sólo de moda. La igualdad de matrimonio para todos se 
ha convertido en una realidad en Nueva York y comenzara a hacerse efectivo a partir de finales de
 mes de Julio. Porque se llama matrimonio y porque es muy raro que en este mundo que llamamos
 moderno todavía haya paises en los que sólo algunas personas se puedan casar. 
Bien por Anna y por cada una de las personas que lucharon y defendieron el derecho a  la igualdad de
 matrimonio para todos.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

MFW day 4 - Dsquared2 & Giorgio Armani

It was the last day of the men's Milan Fashion Week and I had a plane to catch but before that there was
 gonna be some more excitement: The Dsquared2 and the Giorgio Armani shows, and for them i wore a
 full on Mawi necklace, vintage t-shirt, cheap monday customised jeans, Missoni socks, 
Balenciaga shoes and amazona Loewe bag

I know for a fact that when you are invited to a Dsquared2 show is because it is gonna be a show, not
 just tailored colorful well made clothes. So this time in order to separate morning, afternoon, evening
 and party wear the twins opted for a turning stage that would adjust to the mood of the clothes.

Kazaky closing the show

Dsquared2 finale

At the Giorgio Armani show there was loads of geometricity going on in prints and fabrics, in different
 scales and textures. Specially liked the faded shades they used all trough the collection.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

MFW day 3 - Gucci, D&G, Z Zegna & Alexander McQueen

Finally the alarm clock rang. Another day in Milan men's fashion week was about to begin with my
 favorite part: choosing an outfit (or two) to go to the shows!  That day I chose to wear Givenchy shirt,
 Umbro shorts, Prada shoes, Mawi bracelet and Alexander McQueen clutch

The first one was GUCCI
this is the finale from my seat, I liked the black and white plaid suits!

Then, after a quick not less yummy lunch we arrived at D&G, where I got to preview the
 collection backstage before the show, the Dolce & Gabbana family made me feel like Prince
 Wintour! I saw the gorgeous make-up artist Pat Mcgrath who is as beautiful as lovely and I had the
 most interesting chat with Stefano Gabbana about us, the internet leaders, and how important it is to be
 modern these days by acknowledging new people, discovering young talent, and interacting with them,
 such wise inspirational guy he is!

The convination between the softness and lightness of high-quality silk with the roughness and stiffness
 of the denim made me fall in love with the collection instantly and I wanted to place an order straight
 away, can't wait for next spring to wear total look from this collection!

Watching the show I was quite jealous of the boys, and noticed a stunning blue shirt
that will-be-mine...

Then Z Zegna started and I was so happily surprised because, I really don't know what I was expecting, but definately I was unprepared  for those shades of blue, the shoes and the torero-tailoring and I'm so happy about it! I really see a bright future in this brand, and also ticked some boxes on my what-to-buy-next-season list and gave some ideas on new color mixing. Also can I just say the well done to the guys in charge of the lighting, the best this fashion week, it allowed me to take good catwalk pictures!

And last but obviously not least, we ran to McQueen like when you are about to miss a flight. However I have to say taxi drivers in Milan are compleately unaware of what 'drive fast' means, and I bet some of them don't even have their driving license, my grandfather would drive around so much better and even has a more interesting conversation! (I don't know why I saying this cause I actually can't stand it when a
 cab driver tries to make conversation when all you are thinking about it get-me-there)

Anyway, what to say about my beloved Alexander McQueen that you people don't already know... That the tailoring is unbeatable? well exactly,  I loved the collection from start to end but there was a light cream blazer with strong shoulderpads that made me shibber. Can't wait for the press days to actually check out every-single-detail.

Monday, 20 June 2011

MFW day 2 - Emporio Armani & Prada

For the Emporio Amani show I wore 
Davidelfin shorts, Balenciaga shoes, Timberland socks and Mawi jewelry

Yesterday, in the morning I rolled out of bed and made my way to the Emporio Armani show.
I had never been to any Armani show before, however it really felt like home. 
The invite was quite intriging, with a QRcode that made me think the collection would have a futuristic
 touch. The clothes were concrete colour and the stylist had some fun playing around with the ties, 
it was quite a relaxed collection for what I had in mind that it could be like, but maybe I'm speaking to
 soon, let's wait for Tuesday and attend Giorgio Armani's.

and then...

For the Prada show I wore: 
Cos shirts, Prada lurex jumper (on), Comme Des Garcons short+kilt, 
Prada polo (around waist), kiosk bag, Mawi jewelry and Prada shoes

And after a relaxed afternoon it was time for the most exciting for me,
my first ever Prada show! When we got there fat was everyone was queuing in the ice-cream store
 around the corner as the expected delay was a reality so we joined the crowd and bumped into my front-
row mate Bryanboy who had the impeccable taste of wearing green lurex heaven and colorful oxford
 shoes. I actually got emailed a picture (can't credit the owner, sorry!) and even though most people 
would have run away from the other person wearing the same clothes I admire Bryan for having such a
 sense of humor we blended in a hug a posed for a few snappers , (Sophia Neophitou we love you!)

Once in, and before the show started I goT a but artistic with Bryan while discussing about the way
 models would walk round the blue cubes we individually had as a seat, and of course, couldn't help 
to get a picture taken with Rachel Zoe's ex-assistant, the stylish Brad Goreski rocking Jil Sander!

this is the finale of the show from my seat

And what can I say about Prada menswear that you all don't already know? Every piece is designed to
 awake the intense desire of purchasing any Prada you can get you hands on, anything it goes out on the
 catwalk becomes a trend and the colors, prints and materials an instant chic. So why not, instead of
 describing the collection, I tell you what I'm dreaming about already: those shoulder studded 
colorful shirts, golf shoes with blue/yellow heel and flower print trousers! love love love!

And when I thought everything was over and all the adrenaline would start normalizing I got introduced
 to Miuccia Prada herself by Anna dello Russo! I couldn't really say much, all I remember is thanking
 her for making boys like me dream trough clothes