Saturday, 30 October 2010

Together 4ever

I feel really lucky that Spanish brands like Camper, who I used to remember for those
brown shoes I had to wear with my uniform to school, have moved on from that and have been now, for a few season,
being collaborating with the most talented international people in the industry.

I was here in London, waiting for the bus home a couple of weeks ago when I saw this big red bus with the
Camper Together Collection shoe that Bernhard Willhelm designed for this season,
very Lego, I felt in love inmediately!

Que suerte tenemos que algunas marcas españolas como Camper, a la cual siempre recordaba por esos nauticos marrones que tenía
que llevar con mi uniforme al colegio, han pasado a colaborar, desde hace unas temporadas ya, con talentos internacionales de la industria.
Estaba esperando el bus de camino a casa hace un par de semanas cuando vi en uno de esos autobuses rojos la camapaña de la
Together Collection de Camper para la que Bernhard Willhelm ha diseñado un zapato deportivo digno de un sueño de Lego, fue amor a primera vista!

And its not a surprise for me that someone like mr Willhelm does such amazing stuff after
collaborating with people such as Vivienne Westwood or Alexander McQueen or working on
the Bjork's latest album cover. Now that I finally got my pair can't wait to see what Camper and Bernhard come up with next!

Y la verdad es que no me sorprende que el señor Willhelm haga cosas tan geniales despues de
colaborar con gente como Vivienne Westwood o Alexander McQueen y ser el responsable de
la ultima portada del album de Bjork. Ahora que por fin he conseguido mi par me muero de
ganas de ver con lo que Camper y Bernhard nos sorprenderan para la siguiente colección.

Bomber Jacket Yves Saint Laurent
American Apparel hoddie
Rokit vintage shorts
Camper shoes

Friday, 29 October 2010

Kensal Green Cemetery

So this morning I went to visit one of the oldest cemeteries in London,
the Kensal Green Cemetery, in order to do some research for my thesis and
what better time to go to a cemetery that a couple of days before Halloween. The thing is the
sculptural graves where so amazing I almost forgot what I was looking for, typographies.

I find it really peaceful and interesting what a mixture of emotions and energies
you can get at a cemetery, so quite, yet so many people (underground) there...

Anyway, maybe I got a bit freaked out or maybe I just need some company so on my
way home I passed by Portobello and bought two Fancy Japanese Goldfish.
It's a pleasure to introduce you to my two new room-mates,
Cherish and Wicked

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Killed it

Cardigan and Shirt by Davidelfin
Dr. Marten boots

Photography by Thomas Lohr

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Prince Pelayo for Void-Of-Course

Creative directors: Chris Sutton & Sean-Anthony Moran
Styled by Paul Joyce
Photographed by Dennis Schoenberg

And for my more than 2000 weekly lovely readers in Germany, here is the video,
(somehow Youtube wont allow you to watch it)

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Take me for a ride

This was one very special summer, here are some pictures from moments you wont probably understand.
Although, to be honest, most of the best moments, for first time in my life this summer,
I chose not to take pictures, I chose to remember them.
Sometimes keeping something in your head rather than in a picture makes you remember it better, and probably more often

Thanks to every single one of you that made me smile this summer