Wednesday, 30 June 2010

10 best friends

Alexander McQueen - Raf Simons

Kenzo - Givenchy

Dries Van Noten - Rick Owens

Lanvin - Calvin Klein

Comme Des Garcon - Prada

I'm sure next season we are gonna get on just fine,
all together, hanging in my closet, in individual drycleaning plastic bags

Eston son mis nuevos 10 mejores amigos.
Estoy seguro que nos vamos a llevar todos muy bien, juntitos, colgados en mi armario,
en perchas individuales dentro de bolsas de plastico de la tintoreria

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Saturday, 26 June 2010

I'll be back soon

Thursday, 24 June 2010

A la hoguera con Vice!

Yesterday it all started very civilized,
we were attending the VICE-STYLE party
and as you can see, that's the shit I was wearing.
I'm sorry if I'm not 13yo and write very clever texts comparing
the clothes I wear with stuff that happened before I was born or with
movies I haven't even seen...

Ayer todo empezó muy civilizado, si,
nos ibamos a la fiesta de VICE-STYLE
y como podeis ver, esta la mierda que me puse encima.
Lo siento si no tengo 13 años y escribo textos inteligentes comparando
la ropa que llevo con cosas que pasaban antes de que naciera o
peliculas que ni siquiera he visto...

Obviously, during the night, things developed and, madness kicked in and, just like the tradition in Spain the night of the 23rd, San Juan, we made a little bonfire in Courtain Road, right oposite The Diner, where I enjoy treating myself with the best milkshakes in town!

Claramente, a medida que pasaba la noche, las cosas cambiaron, y como manda la tradición en España la noche del 23, San Juan, hicimos una pequeña hoguera en Courtain Road, justo en frente de The Diner, donde me encanta tomarme los mejores batidos de la ciudad!

Happy Saint's Day to all the Juan-s all over the world,
specially to my best friend Juan Resina back in Spain!

Feliz santo a todos los Juanes del mundo,
especialmente al mejor amigo Juan Resina que vive en España!

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

But I can still smell the fire

I once went on a trip to one of those lands you know exist but you haven't really been properly before.
It was there that I saw the most amazing Unicorn ever. The first thing I noticed was our eyes meeting and us moving in slow motion. It was from that exact moment that I knew it would be something to remember. It was a strong looking Unicorn, his tail ended up in a flame and his body would colour from red to purple to the clearest blue, and his twisted horn looked like it could heal the deepest injure.
I then visited the Unicorn often as his company made believe in all those places you dream with when you are a child, the existence of another planet, unreal animals with amazing colours and fantastic lights, other cultures and seas filled with mermaids, like in Neverland Island and nothing would grow old or get damaged. I could even see flouting mountains on the horizon like in Pandora.
One day I got there to find the cave where the Unicorn used to sleep was empty but I could still smell the fire in the air. I'd never understand completely what happened but sometimes things are so perfect that they have to be ephemeral.
Like a friend of mine once said, Gods are unfriendly beings and they don't want us to have it all.
I guess it was a sign to make me believe that amazing Unicorns and other amazing creatures still exist, somewhere, out there.

Monday, 21 June 2010

Burberry Prorsum-me please!


Biker leather jackets,
long zips,
leather trousers,
military colours,

I need to make a call...

-Hello, may I speak to Mr. Bailey? Thank you

-Hello, Pelayo?

-Hey Christopher, who is it going? Yeah just calling to say how much I loved the last Burberry menswear collection you just showed in Milan, I'd literally wear everything, in fact, I will. Yeah, ok, I have to run, speak later!

So I'm thinking, not sure I have to remind you all what a biker-jacket-lover I am but my birthday is around the corner and am already thinking what I'm wearing this winter, just sayin'...

Thursday, 17 June 2010

S,S & SP

I've never been so busy, had so much to do like I do now and on top of it
I've been invited to sit front row at the men shows this season in Milan like Dolce & Gabbana, Dsquared2 or Neil Barrett.
Sadly I'm gonna have to stay in London but thank you all so much for the invites and hopefully I'll see you all next fashion week!

Here is the look I'd have been sporting this fashion week in Milan and Paris if I would have managed to go, from the streets of Shoreditch, with love.

Nunca he estado tan ocupado, nunca tenido tantas cosas que hacer como últimamente y aun por encima he sido invitado a sentarme primera fila en desfiles de la semana de la moda masculina como Dolce & Gabbana y Dsquared2 en Milan o Neil Barrett en Paris.
Es una pena que tenga que estar en Londres pero quería agradeceros a todos las invitaciones y espero veros en la próxima semana de la moda!
Este es el look que hubiera llevado en Milan y Paris, desde las calles de Shoreditch, con amor.

The new Prince Pelayo DIY cross t-shirts and tank tops are available at Gallery Madrid. This time you'll be able to choose from a diferent range of colours going from the classic navy blue, maroon, or white (like the one in the pictures) and an deluxe edition of black t-shirts with gold safety pins I exclusively did for Gallery Madrid.

La nueva tanda de camisetas Prince Pelayo están disponibles en Gallery Madrid.
Esta vez podréis elegir entre diferentes colores, desde el original azul marino (con el que comenzó todo), granate, blanco (como la de las fotos) más una edición limitada de cuatro camisetas negras con imperdibles dorados que he hecho en exclusiva para Gallery Madrid.

I got this amazing thorns bracelet from Line&Jo when I visited Copenhagen Fashion Week last february. Gala and I had the pleasure to meet them and I completely got amazed by this bracelet which is as beautiful as dangerous.

Ga y yo tuvimos el placer de conocer a las diseñadoras de Line&Jo durante la semana de la moda de Copenage y me hice con esta pulsera de espinas que es tan bonita como peligrosa.

Customized jeans by Cheap Monday
Tanktop Prince Pelayo
Alexander McQueen ring, scarf and keyring
Line&Jo bracelet
Dr Martens boots

Sunday, 13 June 2010

For those who don't read books

On friday I got the second birthday present of the year,
I arrived home after a long (but good) day at work to find that the first book about bloggers had arrived.
I was happily surprised to also find my picture in the cover and two spread pages about
this very same katelovesme waiting for me inside after a nice introduction:

Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design student Pelayo Diaz Zapico knows how to rock a kilt. "I'm a huge Kate Moss fan, but it was too evident to use that in my blog title. It would be nice if somehow she loved me back." Well, Kate probably does, because Pelayo, adored by both female and male lovers of the stylish and beautiful, is THE Adonis of fashion blogging.

El viernes pasado me llegó mi segundo regalo de cumpleaños del año.
Cuando llegué a casa después de un largo (pero satisfactorio) día de trabajo tenía en mi buzón el primer libro sobre blogs.
Fue una sorpresa ver mi cara en la portada y dos doble paáginas sobre este mismo blog katelovesme esperandome dentro, despuás de una bonita introducción:

Pelayo Díaz Zapico, estudiante de Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design sabe como sacarle partido a un kilt. "Soy un gran fan de Kate Moss, pero era demasiado obvio para el nombre de un blog. Pensé que sería guay si, de alguna manera, ella también me quisiera." Bueno, Kate probablemente le quiera, porque Pelayo, adorado por ambos hombre y mujeres seguidoras del estilo y la belleza, es EL Adonis de los blogs de moda.

I'm not gonna post here the whole interview (the whole point is that you buy the book)
but I will however retype one of the questions that I get asked the most:

Why did you decide to start Katelovesme?
"I need to tell a story, my story. Not only in a visual way, though I write less nowadays. I like to receive and read comments ad somehow learn from it, though it's often more laughing that learning. My main focus is to keep a little diary of my opinions, parties, and inspirations. I mix stuff I take seriously with stuff I couldn't care less about, confusing other people and sometimes even myself. A blog is an instrument to deal with others' opinions, without letting them influence you negatively. For me, every single one of us is amazing. No matter what someone else says."

No voy a poner aqui la entrevista entera porque la cosa es que compreis el libro
pero si que voy a copiar una de las preguntas que mas se me pregunta en entrevistas:

Por que decidiste emepezar Katelovesme?
"Necesitaba contar una historia, mi historia. No solo de una manera visual, aunque ya no escriba tanto estos dias. Me gusta recibir y leer comentarios y, de alguna manera, aprender de ellos, aunque mas bien sea reir que aprender. Mi objetivo principal es mantener un pequeno diario sobre mis opiniones, fiestas y cosas que me inspiran en general. Mezclo cosas que me tomo enserio con otras que no me podrian importar menos, confundiendo otra gente y, a veces, incluso a mi mismo. Un blog podria ser un intrumento para tratar las opiniones de otra gente sin que te influyan negativamente. Para mi, cada uno de nosotros es increible, no importa lo que diga nadie."

Shirt by Comme Des Garcon
stolen t-shirt

Find out more about FASHION BLOGS book
Join them on FACEBOOK

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Loewe Leather Icons

This is what happens when a great British Designer takes over a quality Spanish brand, it turns it into gold. Thats why last Tuesday we joined Stuart Vevers (head designer at Loewe) in Harrods to celebrate de launch of Leather Icons

Esto es lo que pasa cuando un diseñador inglés con talento se hace con una marca de calidad española, que la convierte en oro. Por eso el pasado martes nos juntamos con Stuart Vevers (Diseñador de Loewe) en Harrods para celebrar la nueva colección "Iconos de Piel"

My forever icon, Gala Gonzalez

After a few glasses of champagne we were ready to explore the merchandising without the classic-rude-annoying sales assistant giving us dirty look for touching everything, I well enjoyed that!

Despues de unos cuantas copas de champagne nos aventuramos a explirar la mercancia Harrodsriana sin la compañia de la típica asistenta pesada detras nuestro. Eso si que me cundió!

A green 2.55, anyone?

A Chanel dress, anyone?

Dancing at Dior, that was for you Johnny G.!

Gala has this thing for shoes, you all know that, specially YSL, like these ones

I think I never danced so much in my entire life and something tells me I'm gonna dance much more in the close future...

Creo que nunca bailé tanto en toda mi vida, y algo me dice que voy a bailar mucho en un futuro próximo...

Until then people, take care, party a lot, remember to always be yourself and cause trouble no matter what luxury shopping centre are you at!

Hasta entonces gente, cuidaros, salir mucho de fiesta, recordad siempre ser vosotros mismos y causar problemas sin importar en que centro comercial de lujo os encontreis!

Wednesday, 9 June 2010


Klein, Formichetti, Gaga and everyone in between (we know there are many people).

Thanks for inspiring us not just with your music but also with perfomance,
Whenever I see things like this I just wanna be myself, a freak, different, and proud of it
I don't want anybodies approval, I don't need anybodies' understanding

The music Video Alejandro is up, click here!

Gracias por inspirarnos de esta manera no solo con tu musica sino tambien con tus performance,
Cuando veo cosas como estas me soy cuenta que solo quiero ser yo, un raro, diferente, y orgulloso de ello
No quiero que nadie me acepte, no necesito que nadie lo comprenda.