Wednesday, 24 February 2010

London FW - Komakino, Jaiden rVa James & Katie Eary

The men shows have never been so much fun! This is the first season where designers have been so interested in people with blogs (or bloggers like some of you call me) attending to shows that I even didn't have time to go to some...

Woke up and though: great, another rainy day which means not wearing what I planned on wearing the night before. Not that I normally plan the clothes I wear the day before but I was very excited about the men shows in London and because tomorrow I'm going to Milan and I just arrived from Madrid that didn't leave me much choice, ANYWAY!

After sleeping 14 hours (don't know how I did that) I made my way to Komakino show, in one of my favorite buildings in London, the Freemasons building (I'm very into symbology lately) and the sealing made me think of my friend Miranda, we both love swastikas. Blow PR is organizing the show and Ella welcomes me with her lovely smile. Anders is styling the show and I can't wait what it look like...

Best hair idea for a men show ever

My jaw drops, the collection is amazing, every single garment would fit so well in my own wardrobe; black and white, very military, loads of amazing fabrics, nice detailing, the leather knuckledusters and the customized Dr Martens makes me smile, the hair makes me wanna run backstage and cry until they do the same with my hair! Actually, I'm doing something with my hair really soon.

Komakino designers

At the tents we have a look at some exhibitions where Husam el Odeh offered us some candy on a spoon hanging from a tree, yeah literally, some sort of the forbidden fruit but with jewerelly, so way better. Some designer (sorry, didn't write down the name) was showing matching jumpers and scarfs (which funnily enough is what I was wearing) and a pair of trousers which was half skirt, I LOVED THAT, I'm a size 28, thank you. Also Simblin collection, inspired by monsters, was really nice, loved the mohican hat.

Margot and I, tasting Husam's creations

I knew what falling in love for a pair of trousers when I saw this

Kind of funny, innit. That's me wearing Colin Henderson


Enough of presentations, I find them so boring... I think I'm too basic and I need music and movement to stimulate my brain and pay attention to what's actually happening, otherwise I could fall asleep standing up... So finally the moment I was waiting for all day, Jaiden rVa James show! It was so so so good, I just couldn't move, the whole collection all in leather was breath-taker, I don't have words to describe how much I liked it, I literally saw people shitting themselves on their seats, that's how good it was. It was about time London had a brand like this! And I guessed and hope it helped the amazing Anna Trevelyan was sty;ing it, I'm just so proud to have such talented friends! I'm telling you, I placed my order over lunch...

Katie Eary didn't disappoint either, the prints she used were really clever (snakes making the camouflage effect) I can't wait to wear that either, well done Katie!

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

London FW - Jonathan Saunders

I loved the colors of the collection...

...they reminded me a bit of Balenciaga

The show took place in a warehouse space in Brick Lane, in a very diaphanous, big, luminous space, the perfect space to show my first collection in a few years (take note Lulu!). And he did it again; by only using blue, orange and black (it remind me a bit of the colour palette Nicholas used for Balenciaga last season), a very street yet posh yet laid back yet classy collection where the colour master (sorry Matthew) showed how he's turning his famous simetrical print signature label into something more casual.

Also, I've noticed Jonathan doesn't like platform shoes

If i were to be a Saunders girl I'd be this one, she looks like
she could kick you ass, love the hoddie

I'm only putting her picture because
she's the new girl on the cover of Tush Magazine

The movement of the skirts with the music was really cool,
see, sometimes is not just a bunch of clothes

With his previous collection I was already surprised there wasn't prints, just colours, well, this season all we've seen is a rose. I guess Mr Saunders is going back to basics. Somehow -and not just because of the red Louboutin soles giving an extra color- in this show the back of the outfits were for me more interesting than the front.. oh well, good one Jonathan!

Sunday, 21 February 2010

LONDON FW - Charles Anestase, Topshop Unique, Louise Grey, House of Holland

Lets just put it this was - yesterday was BUSY
( Charles Anestase, Topshop Unique, Louise Grey,
House of Holland & Dominic Jones )

But there's nothing more fun than running around with great people like Damian & Avigale (who totally made my day - thank you so much you guys are THE BEST) and meeting new friends like Coco whilst seeing you're favorite designers clothes in the flesh. And you know what I don't care about fashion I just think clothes can be amazing.

So to Damian , Avigale, Ella (RelativeMO), Ella (Blow), Albie, Abby, Duffy, Penelope, Coco, Max, Lola, Sophie, Louise, Kate, Donna, Henry, Jess, Simon & Dominic and all the other amazing models, make up artists and stylist thanks for a fucking wicked day.






More to come, Pe we wish you were here !

Friday, 19 February 2010

Madrid FW - Un chico llamado Carlos

So this boy called Carlos Doblas is one of these people you meet when you are a teenager on the internet. Of course not everyone you meet in the internet is worth keeping in touch with. However Carlos and I shared a lot of thoughts and whats more important, ambition. I'm so proud he has already shown his second collection. And what a ground up collection, Bravo!

Pues este chico, Carlos Doblas, es una de esas personas que conoces por internet durante la adolescencia. Claramente, no todas las personas que conoces por internet merece la pena conservar. Sin embargo Carlos y yo compartiamos muchos pensamientos y, lo que es mas importante, ambiciones. Estoy tan orgulloso de que ya vaya por su segunda coleccion, y que coleccion tan madura, Bravo!

Well done Carlos, I wasn't expecting anything less from you
Bien hecho Carlos, no esperaba menos