Saturday, 28 August 2010

Istanbul Fashion Week

Okay, so as many of you might know I´ve just been at Istanbul Fashion Week and turns out,
Istanbul not only has a Fashion Week but also its people are amazing and talented, they wear
quirky outfits, glitter shoes and are always in a great mood...

After the breakfast with the best views ever at The Conrad Hotel, we head to then tents where
the shows took place, in a really nice building with a beautiful backyard, (that later on would
became my favorite place to be), where all the fashion trash hangs out, take pictures of each
other and loook busy, like me...

ELLE Editor at Large´s Isin Gormus,
when I met her I felt in love!

Atil Kutoglu was the first show I went to see here and I was gladly surprise to see interesting
cuts and quality fabrics plus the catwalk knowledge of Alec Wek, who opened and closed the

However the best part of the day (not including the night, obviously) was meeting the ELLE
magazine team, they are all so cheeky and so much fun! We all had a blast at the Atil after party
at Chalet of the Swiss Hotel, where I met so many other increible women aka Demet Kutluay
and incredible man aka Olivier Zahm

Then we headed to the Istanbul Modern museum, where not only we admired the architectonic
esque dresses from the super talented duo Dice Kayek but, as I´ll show you in another post, I
enjoyed the biggest Hussein Chalayan exhibition and coolest Dries Van Noten heels ever,
sported by ELLE girl Seda, of course

The last show of the day, Bora Aksu,
had on the front row fashion institutions like Anna Piaggi

And to finish my first day at Istanbul Fashion Week,
ELLE threw a VIP dinner at the restaurant with the best views


ELLE Fashion Editor´s Hafize Celikturk,
one of those women you dont wanna mess with and who also
made me fall in love with her by wearing that t-shirt. She rocks

Melis Agazat, the originality herself

The next day I had the pleasure to meet the ELLE cover girl of the month,
what I called ¨the other Cindy¨, you can probably guess why...

Ok, I confess I couldnt understand anything it was written, who actually read texts on fashion magazines (or blogs) anyway?
However ELLE Turkey looked amazing and the editorials were great, we all love Tulin Sahin!

And that evening, I was invited to Arzu Kaprol ´s show

The truth is I was anxious for a turkish night out, and boy, did we have a night!
Starting with the VOGUE party at the Pera Palas Hotel....

...following with the cocktails on the streets of Istanbul...

Deniz, one of my beautiful Turkish readers, wearing Eda Ak,
a Turkish fahsion designer to watch out

...and finishing on the early hours of the morning with the Tank Magazine girls: Gerogie and Chloe (my personal
Cameron Diaz + Drew Barrymore) , who actually I have to say, they are fucking wicked man!

The next day I had to take it slow so I decided to be a good boy and visit the city,
getting some inspiration and having turkish food

On Saturday I woke up as excited as a little boy on christmas day, as I had my photoshoot for ELLE magazine and Ozge Ozcan, (the Fashion Editor´s assistant) would be up in my room to try on clothes any minute. I can´t post anything yet but as soon as I get permission from the ELLE Turkey team I´ll post a video from the photoshoot that took place on a few iconic places of the amazing city of Istanbul and it was styled but the previously introduced and amazing Hafize Celikturk

And just like that, I couldn´t believe a week had passed on the only city of the world that is divided by a sea and occupying two continents, but it was time for the last show, KOTON, where the ELLE magazine editors, the celebrities, the bloggers and my favourite photographers took the front row to see Alessandra Ambrosio shaking that ass!

From left to right: Famous architect wearing Margiela (don´t know her name), Isin Gormus, the lovely Isik Simsek and Melis Agazat

Stunning ELLE´s Seda Yilmaz

Next to me: Nesli from styleseekingzurich, Natalia and Pascal from fashionbitsandbobs

My favorite photographers, Elle´s in-house!

So yeah, I´m clapping too, but to all the people that made my stay in Istanbul one of the most amazing time this summer, all the bloggers, designers, photographers, editors and not fashion related people (they do exist too) I´ve met and, of course, my three lovely sponsors, thank you so much.

Also big Thank you! to Selda Baskaya for been the most amazing
and fun photographer ever!


Patricia Brazil said...

Hey, guapo! Niiiice post! I love Istanbul ;)

I wonder when are you coming to Fashion RIO and Sao Paulo Fashion Week! You would love Brasil... i can tell you!!!

I discover your blog at universaty with some friend and i´m already in love with...



DAVE said...

Pe!, ¿Que camara utilizas para sacar las fotografias? :D

SAM said...

Your outfits where off the hook i loved every single one :)


krischu said...

hottie P
... pude ver bastante talento que desconocia de esa ciudad con tu buena onda de siempre para contarlo.
love it

xx from buenos aires

the mode in madrid said...

es verdad que camara es? parecia un movil:p
quee divertiiiidoo me ha parecido tu viajee xD

The Style Hive said...

What a refreshing post! Awesome work P!

Alexander L said...

Istanbul is a perfect city!
I was there in this Holiday


Sareezfashions said...

We have a huge collection of designer clothes like Sarees, Salwars and Lehenga Cholis visit -

Ali said...

DAMN, I so wanted to be the first person commenting, i was waiting for this.
WOW looked liek you had SO much fun. need more pictures of the clothes and what did you think of the shows. hussein chalayan showed? or was it just an exhibition?

Look at my blog, I blogged about you.
Comment and tell me what you think.

P.s. I have the same T-shirt Hafizeh is wearing lol

Styleseeking Zurich said...

A quite good summary of the fun times! By the way you misspelled my name, it's Nesli, short for Neslihan. Still have to send you some pictures, sorry for the delay!


grace said...

Dear Prince Pelayo,

I would like to inform you that your blog is truly awesome, and while I've never had the guts to comment the one thing I've always wanted to say is that while your style, humour, life and outlook are all truly unique the one thing that stands out above all else is your hair! It's, as they say, fucking awesome.


justanotherbloggerfan X cheers!

Gon said...

that must have been truly a fantastic and fun week!! Can't wait to see the video and the photos from your ELLE shoot!

Dimogonda blog

dido said...

hope u miss and visit my country again ;) kisses from ankara, turkey

Anonymous said...

Freemasonry accessories on sale,wow.

newyorkglazer said...

the unknown famous architect's name is Beliz Köprülü dear Pelayo :)

Sara said...

Qué fotos tan geniales.

DirtWillie said...

The Gray Jumpsuit you were wearing is my dream come true! LOVES IT!

Vanessa Deloza said...

so amazing and the vibe produces FUN. Love the breakfast photo.


SEKSS said...

where did you get that amazing grey romper?

Kristian said...

Your blog is beginning to embody to an increasingly large degree what makes the world of fashion superficial, without substance and insipid. I have always found you very inspiring, but I am starting to wonder whether you have anything new to add to the industry. We get it, people tail you around, you look absolutely flawless and have lots of fun partying at every fashion week in europe - but what do you THINK? I think you are wrong in thinking (wow, stop thinking) that people don't want to READ blogs. The reason you are invited to all of these events, is because your opinion is valued: So VOICE it! And not just by repeating your tired motto of having 'fun'. You are so lucky to have this mouthpiece, and as of recently I think its going to waste.

To put it more bluntly, as a result of this post I know NOTHING of Turkish fashion, I just know that people kiss your ass in Istanbul the same way they do everywhere else.

This may seem pointless, but I just figured; if I were you, I would appreciate a comment with a more constructive message than 'love your blog'.


Anonymous said...

Pelayo, Natalia es preciosa... me recuerda muchisimo a Julia Roberts... la sonrisa y el brillo de ojos... AMAZING!!!

John Bernal said...

I love this gigantor of a post haha. It really made me feel like I experienced Turkey all of 5 minutes or so.

Anonymous said...

Tu hermana es preciosaaaa! como tú! <3

Ana said...

Soy una gran fan tuya desde hace muchisimo tiempo!!
enhorabuena por tu trabajo, me encanta!!!
un besito muy grande


Anonymous said...

O sea, a ver si me entero de una vez, Madrid NO pero Estambul SI????. Joder Pelayo eres super paleto chavalin!

Sylvia etc... said...

Wow Pelayo, you made me fly to Istanbul Fashion week! i can't wait to go there, especially all the Turkish fashion people i've met so far are incredibly inviting!
Loved your personal pictures on the markets too, you clearly have an eye for cool-hunting! Have a great day!!!

CP said...


Mr.Winston said...

Que envidia el tekyon, con lo bien que se pasa ahí...

tove said...


I´ve admired you from long distant (Sweden) for a looong while and I absolutely adore you and your unmistakeable sense of style. <3

<--- Here is a question for you at my blog, much love/Tove

Nuria said...

Qué suerte de poder viajar y conocer gente y sitios tan distintos :)Bendita diversidad. Las fotos son geniales y tu y tu hermana aún más.
Un beso!

Anonymous said...

You should check out this review

Yunus said...

I think this city is crazy and insane and not in a good way
There are pretty Places but most of it is ugly as Fuk and I say that as a turk
There are prettier places in turkey

I was there too this summer at the same time

nice pictures and awesome outfits as always ^^

And that Fabian is a very sad Person
You add to the industry by being yourself
being fun is not wrong :)

francesca said...

A really great post!Beautiful shots! Good job! ;)

francesca said...

A really great post!Beautiful shots! Good job! ;)

OZLEMS said...

Yes we all love Tulin. This is my fan page of her ""

Thomas said...

hello from Denmark!!! What a honour that I went too the same school with Tulin. She was always a beauty ;)) all the guys just loveeed her! Wauuwww looking even more gourgeous now! ( Thomas)

Selin said...

She is the best model in the whole world. Tulin forever!

AYSE said...

I'm from Germany right now theres huge billboards of Tulin everywhere in black/white pictures. Im soo proud of her :)

Luisa said...

he is like Cindy's younger sister wauuw !!!!

Adriana said...

Mama Mia!!! Bellisima is she really Turkish? She looks like a mix of Latin and American. Tulin bellisima. Kisses!!!

Lisa said...

Tulin looks like a Victorias Secret angel. Is she? If not, why not? ;) Do VS know what they are missing? Heey VS check her out!

AMELIE said...

Mon dieu!!!!! Tulin is she for real? Wauuw just like a Barbie. I loveeee that cover!!!!

Mia said...

Hello from France and hello to my old school friend the wonderfull ELLE cover Tulin :) you look amazing. As you always did. Miss you!

Sinem said...

hello from Turkey and too all her school friends. Sorryyyy she now lives in Turkey :))) and we get to see a lot of her ;))))) We all love and adore Tulin!!!!

Vicky said...

Tulin you look stunning on the cover and in that pink lovely dress. Where is the dress from?
Love from London

Lars said...

you are soo lucky too stand next too her :)))) Tulin looks great.

Eva said...

Has Cindy Crawford seen Tulin? I mean has Cindy seen her Turkish sister ;)))) Cindyyyyyyy do you hear me? Where are you? Check your sister out!!! Wouuuw!!!! Holyyyy

TUGBA said...

Tulin is the ultimate biggest supermodel in the country ever! She is the highest earning supermodel ! And the best! And she is everybodys darling! Cause she is sooo super sweeet !!!! Nice too everybody!!!!

Gamze said...

Tulin is much prettier than Allesandra!!!!!

charade said...

How did you get so high in this world? I am so jealous I wanna cry everytime I see your posts.

Just enjoy it for the ones that actually can't LOL. I'd kill for at least one day like that.

Leroy said...

looks great..
check my website as well


simona said...

amazing people,especially my lovely anna piaggi <3


Diana Bornay said... encanta el punto de vista que le das a tus reportajes..y Estambul es genial, estuve trabajando alli hace poco y me encanto.
Por cierto me encanta tu blog y tu estilo, soy asidua a pasarme por aqui y ver cosas interesantes siempre Felicidades!!


Bigio said...

Wow... Great post... And you look amazing as usual!

Fiona Jane said...

Hey Pelayo,
It seems like you have had an super awesome Istanbul Fashion Week. Very inspiring to see your experiences. Come back to Copenhagen soon again! /Fiona Jane