Saturday, 14 August 2010

Copenhagen Fun-shion Week (2)

On Wednesday night I landed in Copenhagen at 23.00,
I never thought I'd make it but a really cool driver picked me up at took me straight to the SOULLAND, right on time!

This are my three favourite looks, very me.
(they would look even more amazing in black)

Next morning I was invited to attend to the Cover Magazine brunch and were I met amazing new people and
had the chance to actually have face to face conversations with all this people that I normally only email with

with Zak and Fie, from

Straight after we all went to see the Peter Jensen show,
where we sat right opposite a beautiful princess.

And I have to say I really enjoyed the cars that they let at our disposal, who doesn't like a convertible from show to show?
Hanneli and Jessica were my two beautiful car-buddies with Pelle, our driver.

Wood Wood was next and, eventhough they kept us waiting in the rain for a bit, it was worth the wait.
The models came out in a very summer-camp inspired outfits and wet as if they had been outside with us or has they had enjoyed a two days rave in the woods...

At David Andersen not only I enjoyed drinks before, chocolate during and goodies after the show,
but also an amazing inspired by architecture and with the idea of bringing together opposites like delicate and rough.

Loved the leather pieces and a metal-ring tank top that was just too heavy to bring with me! David Andersen is definitely one of my favorites here,
a really clever Rick Owens vs. Givenchy, I'd wear every single outfit!

Next day I was in for a treat at the Simon
Rasmussen, this stylist's first collection compleately blew my mind.
He made pieces out of used stuff, garbage, teddy-bears... I guess he's a JCDC fan!

After it I decided to take the day off and actually walk the streets of Copenhagen and sat on Kronprinsens Gade
where everyone was drinking on the grass that was placed there for the day and listen to good music

And as for today? Well, today I woke up really late because, as I'll explain about it in another post, Danish people are not just good looking, polite or very arty; they know how to have fun too and so nights were very very long! So we went for brunch and did a bit of shopping before heading to the World Greatest Catwalk

Helena Christiensen was the patroness of The World's Greatest Catwalk, an event that involved 1.6km of actual catwalk, 220 models, more than 500 Scandinavian brands, a team of 100 make-up artists and hair stylists. The cause was raising money trough the retailers in Copenhagen to restore hope to the Chernobyls victims, a nuclear disaster that happened 24 years ago and whos victims are still suffering from.

Thanks again to Cover Magazine, Humac,, Gallery and all the designers
that invited me to be part of Copenhagen Fashion Week once again,
I hope to see you all very soon again!

Ok, 5.00 am here people, ready to make my way to the airport.
Hello Madrid! I'll be spending two days in your beautiful streets!


minnja said...

Stunning pics!!!

I love your header <3

jaehee said...

nice sketch of your week. the city looks beautiful. I'm not a fashion fanatic as you are but I am in fashion ( design director at Gap in NY and also sell vintage clothes ) but more into general traveling. Check out my humble site

Bigio said...

Great pictures! I love this post!!! Thanks Pelayo :D

Stephen said...

You make me wanna visit.


Anonymous said...

me encantó el post,me has dejado con ganas de ir por allí.

Oh! said...

yeah, next stop - copenhagen:)
the pictures totally show the atmosphere and the fun you got there. jealous.

Javier Sendín said...

Tu visita a la Copenhagen Fashion Week tiene pinta de haber sido buenísima. Gracias por transmitirnos a los que no asistimos a eventos de este tipo -por desgracia- todo con pelos y señales. Y a ver si vemos pronto esas fotillos de las fiestas nocturnas en Copenhage, seguro que han sido de desfase total! :D

ismael said...

ola soy ismael y soy un chico de una pequeña ciudad desde hace tiempo tengo problemas en al familia, amigos, ... y hace poco descubri tu blog y es lo que me ace desconectar de todo me hace olvidar y sentir mejor con migo mismo thanks :)

Sara said...



Marzio Martel said...

I love these pics!



Adrian said...

Me alegro que te lo pasaras tan bien :)

cleo said...

Loved Simon Rasmussen. Mencantó el post.
Pasatelo bien en Madrid!

HH said...

We're from Denmark.
Ador Copenhagen!!


Alejandro Aguilar said...

Hey Pelayo espero que lo hallas pasado genial en la Fashion Week de Copenhagen! te dejo mi blog recientemente creado, un saludo.

Adrian said...

diossss la cabecera !!!
me encanta :)

the mode in madrid said...

es emocionanteee ver que llevas una vidaa asiii tio!!!
feliciiidadessss y speroo k lo hayas pasado superrr en a fashion weekk! aprovecha lo que otros no tenemoss :)

Emily and Abigail said...

obsessing over each and every photo.. this looks way too amazing!

The (Style) Realist said...

loving the peter jensen looks...

Alex Alarrota said...

Hola Pelayo, desde hace mucho tiempo sigo tu blog, pero por una razón u otra nunca te comento, hoy no sé que me impulsa hacerlo pero aprovecharé antes de arrepentirme, sinceramente, siempre me da miedo escribir algo estúpido, pero como sea.

Solo quería decirte que eres una gran inspiración -ya sé, te dicen esto todo el tiempo- pero no de la manera que piensas, es decir...tienes un blog de moda famoso, eres un diseñador que se esta ganando el respeto y eso, pero mi admiración no va en ese sentido.

Te admiro porque eres autentico, porque haces lo que amas, y lo haces con amor y no te importa si eso le cae pesado a unos cuantos, sigues adelante y con la frente en alto. Esa es una virtud que me gusta descubrir en las personas.

Espero que todo vaya viento en popa y mucha suerte

SALUDOS desde México


Anonymous said...

YEAH!! That's my ring! The one Fie from stopstealing my look is wearing on her little finger with the spotted stone.

You can buy them here:

Charlene Wilde said...

I'm glad you enjoyed Copenhagen! It is indeed a wonderful city. And thank you so much for the insight of the fashion week.
Much love from Denmark !

Alex Page said...

I loved this post and I want to go there RIGHT NOW. The fashion is amazing, the city looks great and the people are beautiful!

Banksy in Moscow said...

aren't danes just gorgeously perfect?

Teresa. said...

your blog is.. super CUTE!!!
Love it! Please follow me.
Kisses from SPAIN!

silviasiantar said...

wonderful post. i love it!!

greeetings from singapore. following your blog now:)


beauty upper east side said...


Antonela said...

que buenas fotografías y muy buena onda

BitteBitte said...

I love your pictures from CFW, it is so freaking nice that you are in Denmark to visit us every year at fashion week :) I postet a picture of me and you today from fridays party with spotding. I was very pleased to meet you, i am a very big fan :) Hope you will visit my blog some day.

Chris / / Copenhagen

Jillian said...

have fun at copenhagen fashion week the fashion is always killer over there!

Alba said...

I lov' ur blog(L)
great phot's

SAM said...

AMAZING you look like your having the best time :)

RiCh said...

enjoy total pelayooo!!

Sullivan Phillips said...

Love love you Prince Paleyo. I think it might be nice if we could go ahead and plan a wedding ceremony for the both of us :) Anyway you inspired me in so many ways but the most profound one was to start blog! I would just love the chance to come to London and be fabulousl}}}

A debut with you is always nice :)

I'm also an artist emphasizing the postmodern world & can be seen @

Puss Puss'

LOOKSandMOVES said...

Qué mal te lo pasas Pelayo!
Me encantó conocerte en el blogger camp, espero que las avispas hayan dejado de amenazar tu espacio vital;)

Keep up the good vibrations and enjoy your homeland...may be paint a little?

m u x u
b l a n K

Laura Egea Muñoz said...

Pelayo cada dia molas mas.

eugenialejos said...

que envidia! habria dado medio higado por estar en esa pasarela!
tus outsfit tienen un noseque que vale mucho! sige asi siempre!;)

Jessica Ly said...

looks amazing, always fun meeting new people!!Have fun in Madrid!

Anonymous said...

ese es jordi molla o me lo parece a mi ?

Dylana Suarez said...

These pics are so amazing! Thanks for sharing!

Sarah-Leigh said...

Enjoying your CPH coverage! We were there too and really enjoyed listening to you at the Cover blogger camp!

I hope you'll stop by and check out my sights too!


anncody! said...

ohhh joder...como te envidiooo!!
Un riñon habria dado Y NO ME HABRIA IMPORTADO!! hahaha
Un abrazo!

Back said...

OMG!!! super love the blond with the feather.....very Lanvin in a very different way!!

Saretta said...

vaya que reportaje! me ha gustado muchissimo!

Lee Oliveira said...

Great to find your blog.
Amazing pics you have
hello from Australia

Fiona Jane said...

Great entry about CFW!! Nice to spent some time with you /FJ