Saturday, 28 March 2009


Sometimes I feel I spend my whole life saying Thanks to everybody (that´s what one of my friends say). See, I told you, sometimes I´m a cunt, a very polite one tho.

A veces pienso que me paso todo el rato dando las gracias (o eso dice un amigo mio). Ves, te lo dije, a veces soy un imbecil, pero un imbecil muy educado.

Friday, 27 March 2009

Madrid, Feeling so high looking so low

Me acuerdo cuando era pequeño y los viajes en coche significaban algo completamente diferente. En los viajes a Francia y Suiza cuando íbamos a esquiar mi padre conducía a toda velocidad y yo me ponía mi música en el walkman hasta que las pilas morían. Por ejemplo, ir a Madrid para mi era sinónimo a dormir en el Hotel Fenix, que me llevaran a cenar al Hard Rock Café e ir al parque de atracciones por la mañana. Ahora es quedarme en casa de tres golfos que me tratan como a un Rey, comer en el Lateral de Fuencarral, por la noche tomar un zumo de melocotón en el Cock con otros tantos Principes y salir a columpiarnos (eh?). Ésta y por primerísima vez, conducía yo el coche de mi padre, que como perfecto guía no sólo me enseñó la curva más larga del mundo sino la posición exacta de cada radar.

Ayer por la noche llegué a Oviedo despues de pasar tres días (o mejor dicho, dos noches) increíbles con las mejores compañias, aunque me faltaba alguna pieza para terminar el puzzle. Bajar a Madrid y que me den un poco de caña me encanta.

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Thanks for last night

Hey bitches, it´s easter holiday (at least) and I´m back in Spain partying hard. I almost haven´t been to bed and my body is completealy shattered.

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Disposable camera, Perpetual moments

Here I am again with my disposable camera. A whole film between Paris (men shows), London (fashion week) and again Paris (fashion week). There is something about these moments getting trapped in a cheap flash that I love.
Hope you hate it because it'll make me love them more. That before-during-or-after that sometimes you are not supposed to see or maybe you just miss, here my little story:

kilt-me in Paris

Backstage at Dior Homme

Backstage at Romain Kremer

Anna's love of her life

Sam (or some of him) wearing Gareth Pugh's invite

Nasir and I at Gareth's show

Gareth Pugh's show


Charlotte is a gorgeous model

Ash and Sam at Gareth's after party

Girl in hot Dior shoes

Zoom is a rockstar with a cool haircut and wears Gareth Pugh

Back in London. Rough

Dinner at Shoreditch House, lovely Martina and Will

...and Margot

First sunny day of the year

Good news

Teresa is moving out, loving her empty closet

And suddely everything was white and people acted like if they've never seen snow before, including me. Love you grandpa.

Sexy Anna coocked me a healthy, green dinner

And Margot took me to the Elle Awards party

Loving Erin Wasson

At Mario Schwab

Back in Paris, lovely penthouse but fucking freezing

Teresa made me breakfast just like my mum used to

Aquí vuelvo con mi cámara de usar y tirar. Un carrete entero entre Paris (colecciones de hombre), Londres (semana de la moda) y Paris otra vez (semana de la moda). Hay algo en estos momentos quedando atrapados con un flash barato que me encanta.
Espero que los odieis porque así me gustaran más. Ese antes-durante-despues que, a veces, se supone que no se debe enseñar o simplemente uno no ve. Aquí va mi pequeña historia:

Saturday, 14 March 2009

high-view me, yeah? (2)

After the Elie Saab show (to see video click HERE) I met some friends for a relaxing evening at the cocktail bar on the top floor of the Pompidou. See, this really made me happy: a fashion show (inpiration), a sunny day (good mood) and good friends (laughs) made my paris-perfect day.

Después del desfile de Elie Saab (para ver el video click AQUI) quedé con unos amigos para tomar algo en el bar del último piso del Pompidou. Ves, esto sí que me alegra el día: Un desfile (para inspirarme), sol (que me pone de buen humor) y buenos amigos (para echarnos unas risas) hicieron un dia paris-perfecto.


Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Alexander McQueen and his Party Monsters

Yesterday I was on my way to the Alexander McQueen show, without an invitation but with a very positive attitude. It was taking place at 8 Boulevard de Bercy, the entrance was at the gate 28. I though great, I love number 28, I´m sure I´ll make it in and have a nice seat. I just believed it would happen. I followed these massive group of people on their way all wearing black, including me, the only colours I could see was the soles of the shoes, red for the hundreds of Louboutins, blue for YSL...

I was outside, looking around, waiting for friends to turn up and maybe take me inside with them, when this lovely PR guy comes to me:
-Hi, you are Pelayo, right?

I felt like when you are at school and you are not sure if its better to say if it was you or not when you did something wrong.. that nervous feeling, not sure if I´m explaining myself properly. And the thing is I am not going to say how, who or why but I´ll be buying him drinks next time I see him because thanks to him I was able to meet the great people from american Vogue I met while waiting for the show to start, or seen the great collection that once more McQueen pulled together.
It was just so powerful, the big ostentatious garments in black, white and red, the dramatic make up (the whole thing very Party Monster inspired) and the hats made out of all this things we can normally find in the garbage like plastic bags, umbrellas, lamps... all these things rapped up in models walking in towering platform shoes around a mountain made out of wheels, chairs, tvs... and, I don´t know, just Mcqueen is the word to describe it. WOW

When I was leaving I heard this overly dressed woman saying to a friend ´It´s one of the most amazing shows I´ve ever been to´and I couldn´t agree more.

And the funniest thing happened, when I was on my wat to the tube thinking if anyone jumps at me I´d say ´take all you want from me but my phone and my camera´ you expect all these incredibly expensive looking people to have a driver, we all crowded the tube station and it became itself another show, like if all the people that you normally see taking the tube with their boring faces and horrible china made clothes suddenly owned Chanel bags, Balenciaga coats, and shoes, loads of amazing high heels.

Lee had done it again and it made my whole journey to Paris, worth it.

Saturday, 7 March 2009


Last night was a good one, while celebrating at the Prada Double Club one of the best people you can find in London (and in the whole Fashion world) birthday, Anders (Fashion Editor of LOVE mag) I got an email sent to my blackberry with the PDFS of that photoshoot we did last christmas. All I can say is Gala looks stunning, just like she is and that's why she got the cover, the first of many to come!

Also here is the video of the making of Gapunzel, for those who haven't seen it yet
Hope you all enjoy it!


Photography Pantelis
Concept and Fashion Direction Pelayo Diaz Zapico
Model Gala Gonzalez
Hair Jessica Furlan at Tommy Guns
Make-up Suzy Rycroft using M.A.C
Styling assistant Margot Bowman
Special thanks to Piers Roberts (Location),
Teresa Velazquez and Marie-Laure Clos Solari

Anoche fue una buena, mientas celebrabamos con mojitos en el Prada Double Club el cumpleanios de una de las mejores personas que te puedes encontrar en Londres (y en el mundo de la moda), Anders, editor de moda de la nueva resvista LOVE, recibí un email con los PDFS del photoshoot que hicimos las pasadas navidades. No hace falta decir que Gala esta increible, y que por eso se llevo la portada, la primera de muchas por venir!

Tambien os dejo el video del making-of, para los que no lo hayais visto todavia.
Espero que lo disfruteis!

Fotografia Panteslis
Concepto y estilismo Pelayo Diaz Zapico
Modelo Gala Gonzalez
Peluqueria Jessica Furlan en Tommy Guns
Maquillaje Suzy Rycroft usando M.A.C
Gracias especiales a Piers Roberts,
Teresa Velazquez y Marie-Laure Clos Solari