We were still at university, year 2007. It was one of those weekends when Gala and I were flying to Madrid together to work on our firsts projects as bloggers, see friends and go partying. We used to stay and Carlos and Iñigo´s place, in fact I think I actually met them the same weekend as these pictures were taken. We didn´t really care about what anyone said, everything was still to come, there were no rules to follow. I can´t remember feeling more free in my life. We were always sticking together and I remember it was hard going back to London after weekends like that one. I have such good memories from that era that even if I don´t seem them or talk to them as often as I would like to, there is something still there. Like an unconditional love, and not only for the people on the picture but the guy behind the camera too, Gerard, who documented so well all those years! I´m really proud of everything they´ve all have achieved and where they are today. Sometimes looking back is quite a healthy thing to do to understand many things, so this is my way of thanking them for everything i´ve learnt with them and for being part of my youth.

Todavía estábamos en la universidad, año 2007. Era uno de esos fines de semana en los que Gala y yo bajábamos juntos a Madrid para trabajar en nuestros primeros proyectos como bloggers, ver a amigos y salir de fiesta. Nos quedábamos en casa de Carlos e Iñigo, de hecho creo que este fue el finde que les conocí. Nos daba igual todo, estaba todo por venir, no había normas. No recuerdo haberme sentido más libre en mi vida. Eramos una piña y recuerdo que cuando se acababan esos fines de semana me costaba volver a Londres. Tengo tan buenos recuerdos de esa época que aunque no les vea y no hable tan a menudo con todos ellos como me gustaría hay algo que sigue ahí, un amor incondicional que les guardaré siempre tanto a los que están en estas fotos como a el que esta detrás de la cámara, Gerard, que documentó tan bien todos esos años! Estoy muy orgulloso de donde están y de lo que hacen todos ellos hoy en día. A veces mirar atrás es sano para entender muchas cosas y esta es mi pequeña forma de darles las gracias por lo que me enseñaron y por formar parte de mi vida.


All pictures by Gerard Estadella

Last weekend I was in Oviedo visiting my family and welcoming a new member (yes, proud uncle for second time!), and I´ve been loosing myself in the computer I have there. Oh my god, so many priceless files! I love opening folders and finding pictures from many years ago like the ones I´m showing you today. I automatically uploaded them to my irista. As I said before I´m working collaboratively with Canon and for those who didn´t know, irista is a cloud-based image management platform that I´ve been using to store all my images. It makes accessing and managing an image library easier than ever and also you can now select irista as a direct upload option on any of Canon´s wi-fi enable cameras, which is quite helpful for people like me who always erases picture before saving them

And now, to start the week nostalgia mode on here is the song from one of my childhood favourite TV-series, The Wonder Years, that I´ve been listening to while I was writing this post: With a little help from my friends, by Joe Cocker

 Este fin de semana estuve en Oviedo visitando a mi familia y dándole la bienvenida a un nuevo miembro (sí, soy tío otra vez!), y estuve perdiéndome en los archivos del ordenador que tengo allí. Madre mía, que de joyitas! Me encanta abrir carpetas y encontrar fotos de hace muchos años, como estas que os enseño hoy, y que automáticamente incorporé a mi perfil de irista. Como ya comenté anteriormente, estoy trabajando con Canon últimamente y para los que todavía no la conocéis, irista es una plataforma-cloud para la administración de imágenes que ayuda a tener todo más organizado y accesibles. Además, ahora se puede seleccionar irista como opción directa para subir fotos desde cualquier cámara Canon con wi-fi, asegurándoos que las fotos quedan guardadas al momento y a mi, que soy especialista en borrar fotos sin haberlas guardado antes, me viene de lujo!

Y para empezar la semana bien de nostalgia os dejo la canción de una de mis series favoritas de la infancia, Aquellos maravillosos años, que he escuchado mientras escribía este post: With a little help from my friends de Joe Cocker



Last week I wrote about the box designed by Frank Gehry for Louis Vuitton that I´m wearing on today´s post, walking around Brooklyn and photographed by Diana Kunst. Diana is also someone I have a lot of respect for, I love meeting up with her, she´s one of those people that is always up to something, always working on new projects, she really inspires me. I also wrote about how this Celebrating Monogram collection was one of the reasons why...


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about last week

Almost three weeks in the US and I still don´t think it´s enough! There are too many things to do and see in New York and too little time. I´ve been here many times before but this city always manages to surprise me. This past week I made a little trip to Dia:Beacon, a huge art foundation in Beacon (about an hour away from the NYC), where I had the chance to walk around Richard Serra´s installation, under one of those beautiful Louise Bourgeois spiders, look into the deepness of...

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Not that we need any reasons for one of my favorite architects in the world, and who I had the pleasure to meet and visit his studio on my last visit to L.A, to collaborate with Louis Vuitton. But Frank Gehry was, among the dream-list of six other creative minds, invited to celebrate Monogram´s anniversary by creating a special piece. Yes, it´s been 160 years since Louis Vuitton son, Georges Vuitton, created the famous Monogram to honor his father, and to...

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After a few days in Miami (wow) I´m back in New York City! Vibrant, energetic, unstoppable... I can think of so many words to describe New York that it would probably be easier to think of things that this city is not. The best part of visiting for such a long time is experimenting a bit of a routine: Early in the morning I go down in the lift still half asleep but once I step in Central Park, that green giant that I see from the window and who challenges me every morning, I start...

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